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A diverse range of solutions for large, medium and small organisations, profit and non-profit

Custom Connect has a diverse range of services. In addition to front office work, we also offer mid and back office work as these often arise from contacts with customers. We are an agile and entrepreneurial organisation, so please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our solutions to your challenges


Outsource your customer service to Custom Connect. Customer service is the support you offer your customers - both before and after purchasing and using your products or services that ensures they have an easy and pleasant experience with your organisation. Providing good customer service is important if you want to retain customers and grow your business.

Helpdesk deliveries
and returns

Outsource your delivery and returns helpdesk to Custom Connect. A delivery and returns helpdesk provides support for customers who have questions about their orders and their delivery as well as questions related to returning delivered products or services.


Outsource your technical helpdesk to Custom Connect. Technical helpdesk, also known as tech support, is a customer support service that advises and helps customers and registered users with problems with their technical products. Traditionally, tech support was provided over the phone, but is now also often offered online or via chat.


Outsource your complaint handling to Custom Connect. Complaint handling is about resolving individual complaints and identifying opportunities to make systematic improvements.


Outsource debt collection to Custom Connect. Debt collection is the process of collecting money or other agreed value owed from a debtor or debtor to a creditor that has not been repaid within the agreed period.


Outsource your content management to Custom Connect. Content management (CM for short) is the taking care and coordination of tasks and actions that ensure (digital) content is created, edited, published, stored or deleted. This usually involves digital content, including text, images, video and audio.


Outsource your identity checks to Custom Connect. This refers to the process of confirming or rejecting a claimed identity by comparing credentials (something you know, something you have, something you are) of a person requesting access with credentials previously established and stored in a system and linked to the claimed identity.


Outsource customer retention to Custom Connect. Customer retention refers to the ability to turn customers into repeat buyers and prevent them from switching to a competitor.

Mid- and
back office

Outsource your mid- and back-office work to Custom Connect. In the mid and back office, mainly administrative work is carried out and there is no - or to a much lesser extent - contact with customers, although much of the work does stem from previous customer contact. Administrative work that we can take over is, for example, data-entry, processing marketing campaigns, orders, files, invoices and making changes to stock, customer and personnel files.


Outsource scheduling your appointments to Custom Connect. With these services, we arrange all your appointments and ensure that customers are never double-booked, overlooked or misinformed about their appointments.


Outsource customer acquisition to Custom Connect. Customer acquisition refers to acquiring new customers for your organisation's products or services. This is usually when a customer purchases a product or service from your organisation for the first time or subscribes to your service.


Outsource telesales to Custom Connect. Telesales or telephone sales is selling products or services over the phone, by calling potential customers or making sales-oriented calls to customers.


Custom Connect offers a wide range of services that support its daily activities in the field of customer contact. Custom Connect also offers these activities as a service to its partners. Examples of support services include Workforce Management (WFM), business intelligence, reporting, training, transformations and innovations.

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