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Let's talk about customer dialogue

Business process outsourcing (BPO) of customer contact in or from the Netherlands, Suriname and South Africa. If you are considering customer contact outsourcing, are looking for a new BPO partner or want a great job, don’t wait any longer and start a dialogue with us.

We love dialogue

Customer contact is about dialogue with customers. Outsourcing customer contact is also about trust and cooperation between partners, after all, customer contact is vital for any organisation.

With our extensive experience as a solution provider, we are a challenger in the market, are agile and entrepreneurial in our approach, have passion for our profession, take responsibility towards customers and partners and show respect for people and the planet.

Our entrepreneurial approach makes us easy to do business with. We share a collective commitment to continuously improve customer service, increase quality, come up with cost-effective solutions and adapt to the constant changes in customer behaviour and technology.

Transforming our client’s customer engagements.

Using our unique and structured methodologies, we focus on critical areas within the customer contact chain to improve the customer experience based on data and facts. We do this not only from the perspective of customer involvement, but also to better connect and streamline customer processes, operational processes and backend systems where possible.

Why partner with us?

Our locations

Custom Connect offers a varied number of customer contact solutions from three countries on three continents in multiple languages. We not only provide our services for the local markets, but also offer near- and offshoring.

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Every case has a solution

South Africa | Netherlands
South Africa

Join our team

Our employees are the heart and soul of our organisation. We pride ourselves on our DNA of commitment and drive performance to the maximum. As an entrepreneurial organisation that values an extreme culture ownership, attracting the best talent, retaining talent and nurturing our employee value proposition remain at the core of how we work.