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About us

Our employees

Recruitment & selection

Customer contact is all about human interaction where dialogue is central. We therefore pay a lot of attention to the recruitment and selection of our employees. Custom Connect has its own recruitment team. We select candidates based on knowledge, experience, skills, education, attitude and behaviour. If you are interested in a job in customer contact, do not hesitate and apply!

Training & coaching

The training consists of a number of phases and components. The components are tailored to the work involved in a specific project. After the selection procedure, the regular training programme consists of: onboarding, nesting and development. The onboarding consists of a number of basic elements, such as contact centre basics, call structure, customer types, dealing with resistance, workplace and HR procedures. The onboarding is complemented by the project-specific training. After the onboarding and company-specific training, employees start the nesting period, during which they are operationally active while being supported and coached. After the nesting period, employees move independently into the line and regular coaching, interventions, update training take place and improvement plans are drawn up and monitored. For coaching, we use the plan-do-check-act cycle to keep the flywheel of improvement spinning.

Pleasant working environment

Our vision of being a good employer is that we offer employees a pleasant and safe environment in which they can develop and thus be able to achieve good results for our partners and customers. Such an environment includes being open and transparent about the work and how we organise it together within a contact centre environment. Dialogue is also central here. This also includes giving employees perspective, by training and coaching them, by offering a decent salary and a permanent employment contract and by covering risks. We believe that being a good employer also means that employees can feel part of our community and do not feel excluded. We have strict policies on human rights, diversity and inclusion.

Career perspective

I am very happy that I ended up at Custom Connect, I enjoy my work and hope to continue working here for a long time. We have a top recruitment team and I am very happy with the mutual atmosphere, this makes it much more fun to go to work every day. In addition to the nice atmosphere, I also really like the diversity and the many opportunities you get within the company.
Natalia Arisandi!
Talent Acquisition Specialist
From the moment I walked in, I immediately felt very comfortable, I ended up in a very warm and committed team with a super nice and cooperative manager. I quickly noticed that I wanted to work here for a longer period and that here you really get the space to improve yourself in all kinds of areas.
Naomi Koenen
Talent Acquisition Specialist
What I like about my work is the challenge. In the telephone sales of Ziggo products, I can test and improve my sales skills through extensive training. Achieving my targets is no problem for me. So that gives me a sense of satisfaction.
Brian Kuijten
Sales for VodafoneZiggo