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Why outsource in or offshore from South Africa?

Business process outsourcing in South Africa

Economic growth

South Africa ranks as the world's most preferred offshore location for contact centers serving both domestic and international markets. Despite the country's international prominence, South Africa seems to be only now being discovered as an offshore location particularly for the world's English-speaking markets, but also for offshoring German and French language work. The South African government supports the sector with training programmes and improved infrastructure.


With fluent English-speaking talent, South Africa remains popular in the broader Anglosphere, paying attention to accent quality and consumer empathy. In addition, South Africa also boasts an interesting population of German and French speakers, either as a second or mother tongue.

Culture and environment

Enabling environment that focuses on skills programmes and job creation. Proximity in culture, time zone and geographical location to key markets provide a strong foundation for global offshoring, from the USA, UK to Australia and New Zealand.

Innovation power

Deep domain expertise and knowledge of different sectors, Western-oriented and benefiting from the growing contact center industry and innovation taking place in it.

Quality service

South Africa has established itself as a lucrative outsourcing hub on the strength of overall quality of services delivered.

Productivity and costs

Up to 60% more cost-efficient country compared to Australia, US and UK. Access to growing quality talent pools, supported by inclusive hiring and sourcing initiatives.

Locations in South Africa

Cape Town

Capetown, Durban