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Implementation HR back office


The Contact Center industry, by their very nature entails employing many employees. This drives a high demand within HR, and the related admin processes such as on-boarding onto HR and IT systems, pension fund forms, drafting employee contracts, and first line HR admin support, etc. Such processes that can be time consuming, require a level of flexibility, and can be costly to deliver.


We designed and built a HR Back Office solution, in Suriname, to support a Dutch organisation with 500+ employees and growing.

Our solutions was achieved through the digitalization of HR files, within full compliance of the GDPR and data protection regulatory requirements and underpinned with ISO27001 certification.


By building the HR Back Office in Suriname we have created more jobs in Suriname. We have driven a quicker turnaround time in overall HR administration and are able to on-board new employees quicker.

  • Reduced 3 days turnaround to 1 day.
  • Reduced cost of operation.
  • HR staff in Netherlands are able to focus on improving HR at a strategic level, free to engage more with client teams.

What clients say

Back in 2018 when we founded 7G Digital Media, our new strategic marketing agency, we outsourced the onboarding of new customers to Acca19, powered by Capability BPO™, based on their solid telephone outbound B2B experience. The decision worked! We are able to attest to the success of the solution, in both reducing onboarding costs and in building up our presence in segments like SME and SOHO.
Marco Michielon
Founder and CEO di 7G Digital Media
Capability BPO™ has a great understanding of what we as a business want to achieve. The COVID-19 pandemic and the proactiveness of Capability BPO™ showcased this even more. They listen to our needs, provide collaborative feedback, and then put into action what they say they intend to do. This understanding, listening and, follow through are highly valued by Groupon… Read More
Francisco Toledo – Director
Vendor Management Organization